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Occupying Wall Street: Stephanie McMillan’s experience with the movement

by Stephanie McMillan, author of The Beginning of the American Fall, from Seven Stories Press.

The first major protest movement in decades—a response to austerity measures, rising food prices and unemployment—sparked into life in North Africa and Europe, circled the globe, and finally came to the United States in the fall of 2011.

With the economy in deep crisis, the population was seething. It finally erupted with the launch of Stop the Machine and Occupy Wall Street.

I participated in protests in several locations, not only as a journalist or cartoonist, but also as an organizer. The book that resulted is an account of the first few months of the movement.

It goes beyond dry observation to provide a genuine insider’s perspective.  The text and drawings combine interviews, dialogue, description, political struggle and personal observation, to present a well-rounded picture of a unique historical moment. Continue reading

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