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“Why I’m Not Preparing My Students to Compete in the Global Marketplace”


by McKay Jenkins, author of What’s Gotten into Us?: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World (Random House, 2011)

In a controversial and thought-provoking Op-Ed published last week in The Chronicle Review entitled “Why I’m Not Preparing My Students to Compete in the Global Marketplace” (1/15/12) , author McKay Jenkins challenged himself and his colleagues to reconsider the prevailing notion–perhaps mantra–that educators must equip and orient all of their students to compete globally.   

While Jenkins agreed that a strong knowledge and awareness of other peoples and places in this inter-connected world is indeed important, he wonders if our focus has gone out of wack, and if one of the core puposes of a good education–that of bettering of one’s self and one’s environment–is becoming lost, unfortuntely most of all on today’s students.  He writes: “For all the talk of “globalization” as the very engine of their generation’s future prospects, my students seemed far more concerned about disappearing jobs at home, rising global temperatures, and a general anxiety about what it all meant.” 

In response to their concerns, Jenkins employed classroom exercises to get students thinking about more “local” issues.  These exercises, which he describes Continue reading

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